Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tuna and Broccoli salad

Tuna and Broccoli salad;

3-4 medium florets broccoli
3-4 medium florets cauliflower
1 medium carrots(sliced)
3 to 4 baby corn
½ cup cubed cabbage
1 cubed small capsicum(red or green)
1 cubed Tomato medium
1 cubed medium onion
½ cup beans
2 tbsp Olive oil
2 tbsp chilli sauce
Salt nd pepper to taste
salt and pepper
tuna 1 tin
Grease a baking dish with some butter.
Mix the vegetables adding chilly sauce ,olive oil,salt and pepper
Let it bake in the oven on 180c for about 30 m.serve with tuna and 1-2 tsp chilly sauce.