Saturday, October 15, 2011


Egg         5-6
Sugar     2    cup
Water     1   cups
Cardamom powder   ¼ tsp
Rose water  ¼ tsp
First the eggs are separated, and the yolks kept aside.Boil water and sugar in a pan.make a thick syrup,then add rose water and cardamom.the beaten egg yolk is now added the boiling syrup  through a small hole in the egg shell   so that it falls like a thread.Pour it continuously until the egg yolk in the shell has all been used up.By this time the yolk will be cooked. Reduce the heat and sprinkle a little cold water.Remove the egg strings from the syrup with out breaking them.Spread in a thali and keep slightly raised to remove the excess syrup.Mutta mala ready.Beat the egg white with the  3 tbsp sugar syrup. Steam the mixture.Cut into pieces of required shapes. Spread the yolk mixture on a plate and arrange the steamed egg white pieces in the middle.